Where can I purchase a Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card?

Bonfire® Prepaid Gift MasterCard® can be purchased from participating New World, Pak N Save, 4 Squares, and convenience stores. Simply use our online store locator to find your nearest retailer.

Bonfire gift cards are currently only available in New Zealand but can be used for purchases online and overseas.

What do I have to do before I can use my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card?

If your card was purchased in-store, it is already active! Before using your bonfire gift card, please ensure that you sign the signature strip on the back of the card.

If your card was purchased online, please click here to activate it and sign up to view your card balances.

How much can I load on my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card?

Bonfire gift cards can be loaded in increments of a dollar, and the value loaded can range from $25 to a maximum of $1000*.

*The quantity of bonfire gift cards ordered online cannot exceed 40 cards. Each card purchased online can be loaded with a value between $25 and $1000 with a maximum value loaded on your total order of $4000.00, excluding fees. The number of in-store cards purchased is limited to 5 cards per transaction, for a total of $1000.00, excluding fees. View the Terms & Conditions and Fees pages for more details.

Where can I use my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card? 

Your bonfire gift card can be used in-store or online, everywhere Mastercard is accepted, with the following exceptions:

1. Any merchant that chooses not to accept prepaid or gift cards.

2. Any merchant that has been identified as conducting potentially fraudulent transactions.

A purchase I made declined using my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card; I'm not sure why.

Your bonfire gift card cannot be used for certain types of purchases, such as: 

  • At an ATM or for direct debits
  • Pay at pump services
  • Recurring payments
  • Gambling services or manual imprinters (click clack machine)

Some merchants may choose not to accept prepaid cards or may impose limits on the use of your gift card.

For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Please ensure there is sufficient balance to complete the transaction, including the transaction fee. You can check your balance by clicking here

In some cases, a merchant may choose not to accept prepaid or gift cards - for more information, contact the person/business you are attempting to make a purchase from.

Does my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card expire?

Yes; the expiration date for your bonfire gift card is displayed on the front of the card. Bonfire gift cards expire at midnight on the last day of the expiry month displayed. After expiry, your bonfire gift card will no longer be usable.

What buttons do I use in-store to make a purchase?

When making a payment in-store, simply swipe your Bonfire card, select ‘Credit’ and enter your PIN found under the scratch panel on the back of the card to complete the purchase. Note that selecting Savings or Cheque will cause transactions to decline.  

Can I withdraw cash from my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card?

Using your bonfire gift card to conduct cash withdrawals from ATMs or at any merchant is not permitted.

Can I use my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card for services like Netflix, Spotify, or Uber?

The decision to allow or disallow a purchase often comes down to the merchant you are purchasing from. Please be aware that some merchants offering recurring or subscription services may not accept your bonfire gift card, as it is prepaid.

What happens if my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card is lost?

Should your bonfire gift card be lost, you are able to block the card by logging into your bonfire account*, selecting the card you wish to block, and following the prompts for blocking a card. Once you have blocked your card, all transactions will be declined.

*You must have registered your bonfire gift card prior to losing the card to be able to activate this feature.

If you later find your card, you can unblock it the same way and then resume using the card. Transfer of balance or replacement cards is not available for lost or stolen cards.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What are card authorisations?

Card authorisations or hold transactions occur when a merchant holds an amount of the card balance, usually refunding in part or full later. These transactions can occur at places such as hotels or when hiring a rental car. Your bonfire gift card cannot be used for these types of transactions because it is a prepaid gift card.

Are there any transactions I can't use my Bonfire® Prepaid Gift Card for?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What is an Activation Code?

An activation code is set on bonfire gift cards ordered online and will be sent to the nominated email address at the time of purchase. This code is used to activate the card to enable purchases. To activate your bonfire gift card please click here and enter your activation code when prompted. If gifting a bonfire gift card, please make sure you share the activation code with the gift recipient.

When will I receive my Bonfire gift card?

Bonfire gift cards ordered from our website will typically be received within 4-7 business days. Delivery times depend on the destination, but typically cards are received within five days of being ordered. If you have not received your card within the timeframe, you can make an enquiry here.

What happens if I order a Bonfire gift card online and it has been damaged?

In the instance that your gift card has been damaged, is unusable, and the card is inactive, you can contact us here for information on how to return your Bonfire gift card.

How secure are my credit card details when purchasing a Bonfire gift card?

Bonfire.co.nz uses industry-standard 256-bit TLS encryption to protect all your interactions with us. We also never see your credit card details as these are given directly to our PCI DSS-certified payment partner.